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~It's not about when, it's about now.
Knecole Lawton has a story to tell. Her past was full of trials and lessons. She speaks to the community about where she has been and uses her past to give credibility when she tells you where you are going.


~All you can do is all you can do, until you can do better.
Get the life you deserve. Knecole Lawton will help you find your purpose and set a plan to rid you of whatever is in the way. She will customize a program based on your strengths and challenges. In addition evaluations will be done to identify growth and areas for improvement. Services include both Individual 1 on 1 and family coaching.


~Who you were is who you were. Who you are is all that matters unless if who you are is who you were then there is no growth.
With over 15 years in mentoring the youth, Knecole Lawton has proven to be the kid whisperer. She has worked with kids from all walks of life and partnered with programs like YMCA to address the needs of the at-risk community. Every child is worth saving. Given the opportunity, Knecole will prove it.


~$1+$1 makes $2 but keep adding and then you'll be making money.
Thinking of starting a business or have a business and wondering how to take it to the "next level". Knecole Lawton has a team of people to help make your life easier while contributing to your bottom line. Our focus is your entire business. Our approach is creative, flexible solutions to maximize your time and exceed your business goals.

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